Donation FAQ

How to donate to an individual runner page

  • On the Donation Page, you can search for participants or teams to donate directly towards their goals. Please note that individual participants will not be notified of donations made to their runner page or their teams page this year, please message them separately to make them aware of your generous support.

Questions from Donors

Where does my donation go?

  • 100% of your donations go toward the Brian Piccolo Cancer Research Fund directly supporting cancer research at Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist’s Comprehensive Cancer Center.

Are my donations tax-deductible?

If I donate to an individual participant, will it count toward their team?

  • YES!  Donations made to individual participants will count toward the team they are on.

Who will know I donated?

  • If you make your donation to a team, only the team captain will receive an email notification.  Because our system is set up as a team event, if you make a donation to an individual participant, they will not be notified of the donation.  We recommend sending a message to the participant so they know of your support.

Questions from Participants

Should I share my team page or individual page?

  • Either!  The money will be attributed to your team regardless.  Because our system is set up as a team event, only the team captain will receive an email notification for team donations.  If you are not a team captain, you will unfortunately not see who has donated to you or your teamI wasn’t notified of a donation

How do I share my individual or team profile?

  • You can find your individual profile by going to the Participants tab, finding yourself, and copying the URL of that site to share with others.  To find your team’s site, go to the Teams tab, search for your team, and copy the URL of that site.

Where should I share my profile?

  • You can send your friends, family, or whoever else might donate your link directly or some students share their link on social media!